Specialist Products

Over our many years of delivering training we have managed to forge excellent links with some of the UK's leading manufacturers of restraint, PPE, search and other work related equipment.

This allows us to not only recommend certain products that can support our clients needs but provide them at very competitive prices.


It also provides us with a network of suppliers where we can source other relevant equipment for our clients.


Through these close relationships we also have the capability to deliver the accredited training programmes required to safely and successfully utilise these products.

Interested in any of the below products or looking to procure similar equipment for your staff or organisation? Then we can probably help. So why not contact us to discuss your needs and the competitive prices we can offer.

Body Belt Control and Restraint System

The BodyBelt Control and Restraint system provides a safe, effective, unobtrusive and inexpensive restraint solution for the long term control of high risk detainees and vulnerable patients or subjects.


This is a safe, humane and Human Rights complaint form of prolonged mechanical restraint therefore reducing the risk to both staff and subjects.  The system is adaptable and can be of benefit in a number of operational scenarios and environments including:

  • prisons, secure hospitals or courts

  • extradition and removal of detainees on aircraft 

  • marine or water based environments 

Manufactured in the UK the lightweight and durable system come in its own carry bag which stores the belt and any accessories.


The system is manufactured with high quality 840 denier nylon webbing and1000 denier texturised nylon. Stitching is done with bonded nylon NM30 and 40 threads. The main buckle and other parts are manufactured using stainless steel to prevent corrosion. The materials used in the construction of this system have been strength tested to a breaking strain in excess of 870 Kilogram’s. The system is fitted with high quality handcuffs, which have the added benefit of having keyholes on both sides. They have been certified by the US Department of Justice as satisfying the requirements of NIJ Standard 0307.01, which is the international quality standard for metallic handcuffs.


The system is designed to fit a wide range of subjects from 28 up to 58 inches. It can quickly and easily be activated to reduce the wearer’s ability to resist staff or offer violence. The handles provide additional control and a safe method of lifting and relocating the subject. in conjunction with the additional leg restraint strap.

Body belt control and restraint system.J
Safer Handling Soft Restraint System

Soft Restraint Belt® - Safe Holding System® - Soft Restraint Cuffs® - Safer Emergency Enveloping Lifting Sling®

Safer Handling provide humane, ethical, extensively reviewed and tested restraint equipment products, train the trainer programmes and consultancy.​

Made of “tough cloth” the Soft Restraint equipment, which includes, cuffs, belts and a safe holding system® and accessories, was designed and developed to offer staff superior control of a person where there is a need to safely control and transport a person and to prevent those who attempt to self harm. It provides a softer, more humane alternative to the other intrusive methods of control and restraint. It is a lightweight, uniquely simple device that is ergonomically designed to provide comfort for the person; but still provides optimum strength to the equipment. 

Soft Restraints® have been tested in accordance with EN ISO 10535 and reviewed by the Home office’s preferred leading medical expert.  They are designed to reduce injuries and subsequent litigation and often provide the least intrusive option available. Clients who have benefited from the kit across the world include healthcare, forensic settings, child and adolescent services, special education, prisons, policing and patient transport.

Overt & Covert Stab Resistant and Ballistic  Body Armour


Offering the highest levels of ballistic and stab/slash protection matched by maximum comfort and wearabilty We source the most innovative vests currently on the market. 

• Meets all UK Government and Home Office       

• Plain covers to blend in with clothing and be

   inconspicuous or high visibility covers available 

COV-CS103-HV VestGuard Community Support
Body armour 2.jpg
Handcuffs and Restraints

Handcuffs and temporary restraints come in numerous styles and designs. They all have there positive and negative factors so we offer a range of products that will meet your operational and organisational needs.

All the restraints and handcuffs we supply are built in the UK to the highest quality,   meet international standards and can be provided with a variety of carriage options. 

We can provide:

  • Rigid handcuffs 

  • Folding and lockable folding handcuffs

  • Chain link and extended chain link handcuffs

  • Soft restraints

  • Reusable plasticuffs, single use plastic restraints, Trigfold systems, lace and cord restraints

  • Large and extended keys  

rigid cuff carriage in pouch.jpg
Forensic ID Marker Spray

We work with one of the most Internationally renowned manufacturers of forensic marking technologies, Selecta DNA, to bring you their Defence and Tagging sprays.


Providing a scientifically proven system with a 100% conviction rate the sprays can tag a subject and assist with identification and prosecution of people involved in criminal and anti social activity. 

Benefits include:

  • Non toxic

  • Powerful deterrent and conflict management tool

  • Engage subjects at a distance

  • Invisible UV marker

  • Unique forensic tagging component

  • Full scientific criminal investigation support

Full accredited training and policy support available.