Expert Witness Services

With a wealth of experience in the provision of expert witness services, our founder and Managing Director Martin Graves leads this area of the business.


He has undergone extensive training with Bond Solon and is a member of the Society of Expert Witnesses.







He has provided reports in a large number of high profile cases over the past 20 years involving deaths, use of force, injuries sustained during physical training sessions and the various tactics and equipment used by law enforcement and other organisations.

His experience gained providing testimony in these cases in Coroners, Crown and Civil Courts together with his 30 years as a police officer has made him a sought after expert by all sides involved in the investigation and prosecution of such incidents. 

A number of these are still actively being investigated or going though judicial processes but one such case he has been involved with was that of Jimmy Mubenga who tragically died whilst being restrained by security staff on an International flight during his deportation.​


Should the subject matter be outside Martin's main area of expertise he has access to a range of other subject matter experts with extensive experience in writing reports and providing evidence, that he can call on to meet the needs of most clients. 

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